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Tiles drilling service is requiring special equipment and tools like carbine and steel combination drill bits for making the hole in the tiles. This service is demanding experience and knowledge and that’s exactly something that our team can offer to you. We are providing also floor tiling, wall tiling service, and grouting of your tiles.

You planned to hang a cabinet on your bathroom wall but problem is that wall is tiled so you searched on Google for “Professional Tiles Drilling Service near Me” or maybe “Tiles Drilling Company London”? Our team will make sure that the cabinet is hanged properly and holes made by appropriate tools needed for that job.

We Can Drill Holes in Different Tiles Materials
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Tiles Drilling Service Near You

Drilling through tiles can be a very challenging process for someone without experience. if necessary tools are not used for the job it’s impossible to finish it without breaking the tiles. Drilling true ceramic tiles or drilling porcelain tiles for example has to be done with specific pressure and drill bits as tiles will get damaged. Our team is trained to do this service and has a lot of experience and tools for this job. If you require any other service like handyman, carpentry, painting or electric please contact our team on 0203 811 8331.

Make sure that you measured correctly

Get a proffesional

This type of service is requiring a professional tradesman. It looks easy to do this job but we can tell you from our experience that this task is requiring experience.

Tools needed for this task

For this task, it’s important to have a power drill, but the most important element in successfully and effectively drilling through tile is the drill bit itself. You should never use an old or worn-out drill bit.

Measure measure and measure

With drilling true the tiles you have just one chance to drill the right hole as any mistake will leave a permanent mark on the tile that you will not be able to cover so it will be visible.


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