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Shelf Fitting Services In London

Leading Shelf Installation in London Near You!

Our Codeex Maintenance team can offer you custom-made shelf cut on the size that you require or we can fit an already purchased shelf for you. The professional handyman that we offer will install your shelves in the most reliable way using different wall plugs and tools needed for a job like this. If you require more info please check our Portfolio.

Are you looking for “Shelf Installation Near Me in London” or maybe “Shelves Fitting Services”? Our team will always make sure that the job you booked us for is finished on time by a high standard. Codeex offers a big range of different maintenance services. If you need a handyman, carpenter, painter, flat pack assembler or electrition call us today.

We Can Install Different Shelves for You
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Shelf Fitters in London

Shelf installation in London is one of the most popular services that we offer. Our experienced handymen crew is able to provide you with the expert installation you may be looking for. Our team will arrive on time with all the necessary tools and equipment for installation. If you require custom-made shelving for your property please contact us so we can arrange a visit. Please check our Prices page for the rates we offer.

Choose the shelf type suitable for you

There are many different shelf designs and mounting options on the market. Some of them are floating shelves, build in shelves, fixed shelves, adjustable slotted shelves so it's really important to find the right one for you.

When you decide what's going to be on your shelves you should choose the material. The material will dictate the price as shelves made from chipboard will be cheaper and shelves made from solid wood will be more expensive but they will hold more weight.

We would always suggest you book a professional to install and fit your shelves on the wall. By doing that you will prevent any damages caused if shelves fall and break especially in situations with kids as that could be dangerous for them.


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