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Codeex Maintenance is a name that is synonymous with trust in the service industry. Over the years, we have built a reputation as one of the reliable handyman and maintenance services providers in the London area, and this is something we wish to continue for many years to come. Customers are our utmost priority and providing them with 100 per cent satisfactory solutions is something we take quite seriously at Codeex Maintenance. Customer satisfaction is not just a prime motivator but the drive behind our work. Whether you are looking for curtains and blinds installation or decorators experts, Codeex Maintenance is the place for you to be for a reliable and pocket-friendly service for your requirement.

Are you looking on google for skilled Handyman, Carpenter, Painter or Electrician in London near you?

Searching and browsing for “Handyman near me” or maybe “Flatpack assembly service london”? Codeex maintenance is offering a big range of services with certified professional carpenters, painters & decorators, electricians together with many more skilled tradesmen. Please call us on 0203 811 8331 or fill up our contact form. We are prepared for any task you have on your mind.

A handyman is someone that one can rely upon to do all sorts of minor repair and assembly work. At Codeex Maintenance, we have some of the finest handymen on our payroll to ensure that you are on the end of a satisfactory solution. Whether you require TV hangingflat pack assembly or even tiling solutions, Codeex Maintenance is the place for you to reach out to.

You need to assemble children, bedroom, garden or patio furniture. Maybe you got a new piece of equipment for your gym. We have the right skills and tradesman for you!

Your  gorgeous artwork is ready to go on the wall. Looking true to the internet for hanging pictures or mirrors service brought you here! Don’t go because you are on the right place. We offer pictures, mirrors, curtains, blinds, shelves and TV hanging service and we are experts in that.

Whether you are looking to refurbish your bathroom with new tilles, or you would like to have just new grout around them we can help you. Codeex Team is offering a big range of services from wall tiling, drilling true the tiles, floor tiling, grouting and many more.

We are not afraid to accept odd jobs and tasks that you have for us. In may years of experience, we are dealing with different requests and we are always ready to accept them.

Who does not like wooden solutions? Whether it is the installation of a new kitchen fitting, floor or laminate installation or a simple door repair, having certified professional carpenters in contact is always beneficial. Well, with Codeex Maintenance, you can easily hire them for your needs without any hassle.

You have a nice but uneven floor, during the accident you made a mark. Don’t worry we have a solution for you! Our team is fully equipped and mobile ready to make you laminate or floor stunning again. Contact us and get a free quotation or give us a call on 02038118331.

Skilled London carpenter should be able to hang your new door, plane existing door and rehang them or repair the door frame and this is exactly the skills that we have. Our professional and trained carpenter is ready for your task. We are ready to answer any of your questions. Contact us today and please fill up our online form by clicking book now.

You are looking for a carpenter in london to fit your integrated dishwasher door or maybe your kitchen cupboard door is not closing properly. We are dealing with this problem every day! Our team of fully trained London carpenters can fix, reattach or install integrated appliance doors, dishwasher doors or fridge doors.

Your doors are new but you can’t close them. Usually, they are either swollen, settlement in the building has taken the frame out of square or your new flooring that’s fitted is catching on the bottom of the doors. Our professional carpenters in London will plane and adjust your door so they can close properly. Don’t wait anymore we are here one call from you 0203 811 8331.

Who does not like wooden solutions? Whether it is the installation of a new kitchen fitting, floor or laminate installation or a simple door repair, having certified professional carpenters in contact is always beneficial. Well, with Codeex Maintenance, you can easily hire them for your needs without any hassle.

You are ready to have new colors in your life. Getting tired of white color in your bedroom. We have a solution for you! Full painting service near you is something that we can offer. London painting service is something that we are providing for many years to Londoners from office painting, doors painting, painting skirting boards, kitchen painting or cupboards among many other surfaces we are the right solution for you.

You decide to get rid of the wall light in your kitchen that you wanted to change. The only problem is you end up with the hole left behind. Don’t worry as our team is fully skilled to solve your problem. We are offering a decorating service in London and our job is to find the right solution for you. Our team of decorators will tackle your task and make your wall stunning again. We will fill the cracks in that wall area ​and make that place beautiful again. Contact us by our online form on phone number 0203 811 8331

Cracks in the walls, ceiling, or around windows are something that’s happening quite often in London areas. Don’t worry as we will fix that for you. Dealing will wall crucks is something that we are taking seriously. We will clean the place to protect everything and deal with the cracks in the best & professional way. A skilled decorator in London is just one click from you. Contact us today or visit ours about us page for more information.

In London, various problems are causing walls to crack. Some of them are property settling, water damage, underground transport vibrations, lack of good house foundation, and many more. Do you have a horizontal crack or perhaps its staircase pattern wall crack? We will take that seriously and make sure that crack is fixed in the best and most professional way.

An electrical solution is something you cannot be lax about at any cost. Even a single miscalculation on one’s part could invite disaster, something no one wants. Luckily for you, Codeex Maintenance offers certified electricians at affordable prices. Whether one is looking for electric installation or socket replacement, our professionals would be more than a match for your requirement.

You are looking for someone to change your socket or maybe install a new one. Searching for “Electrician near me” or maybe “Electric service london” you came across our site? You are in the right place as our team of professional electricians will install a new socket for you, replace the existing socket maybe install a plug socket to make a spur socket from an existing one. Contact us today by phone number 020 3811 8331.

Your stunning chandelier stopped working and you decide to replace that with a new one? Chandelier replacing and installation service in London is the job for our special department that’s trained for that. We are taking that service seriously as your chandelier is something that you are proud of. Our electrician will replace or install a new chandelier for you in the best possible way and make sure that everything is safe and secure.

With a high ceiling in houses across London sometimes it’s really hard and difficult to change light bulbs, install new light fitting or replace the existing one. Our team has all the necessary skills and tools to do this job for you. We are fully mobile and available 24/7 for you. Give us a call on 0203 811 8331or fill up our online form. We are ready for you!

You have a fire or faulty smoke alarm and you are planning to replace that. This job seems quite easy but that’s not the case always. Fire and smoke alarms are usually placed on the ceiling which is a quite difficult place to reach. Not for us! This task is something that we are dealing with every day so please let us help you. You don’t need to google any more fire & alarm installation and replacement services in London as you found the right one.

Codeex Maintenance has a team of professionals that offers genuine help at your home. Whether it is home or commercial maintenance, we are available at all times to serve your needs. In fact, our handyman maintenance services are conveniently available in your region. No matter what kind of assistance you need, we are ready to serve you at your convenience.

If you want house help from professionals, you can immediately count on us. Seek handyman and maintenance services that are truly rewarding. Our unmatched services are available for you at affordable prices. Now, connect with us and seek better services right away.  

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