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Shower Screen Installation in London

Leading Bath Shower Screen Installation In London Near You!

Our team can offer you the installation of the new or replacing of the old shower screen in your bathroom. Some of the additional services requested from our clients are rubber seal and silicone replacing on their bathroom screen. We can provide you with a different range of services from a handyman, electrician, painting, and others so please check Service page.

Codeex Maintenance is offering a big range of bathroom refurbishment and improvement services in London. So if you were searching for “Shower Screen Replacing Services Near Me” or “Shower Screen Installation in London” we can ensure you that you are in the right place and our team is fully trained and ready. Please visit our About Us page for more informations.

We Can Install Different Shower Screens For You
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Bathroom Shower Screen Installation

In case your shower screen is loose or the weather is leaking true the rubber seal on the bottom of the glass our experts are ready to fix that for you. We can install different shower screens models and designs as our handyman crew is fully equipped and well trained for this task. Please contact us on 0203 811 8331 for more pieces of information or send us your inquiry on the page Book Now.

Get familiar with different models

Shower screens are coming in a variety of designs. Some of them are rectangular corner showers, square corner showers, recessed showers, open walk-in showers.

Choose the right door option for your shower screen. Door options are sliding, folding, pivot, and fix shower door screens.

Glass is the most traditional material used for a shower screen. Other options that you have are acrylic, aluminum frame, chrome plating, and PVC.


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