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In modern society, there are more devices every day that we are depending on. The problem that many people are facing is cable management and wires used for the power supply of their devices. This problem is ruining their room comfort and look. Our team of experts is ready to help you in solving this problem with appropriate solution.

Codeex team is offering a big range of cable management and hiding solutions for you in London. So if you were searching for “Cable Management Services Near Me” or “Cable & Wires Hiding Service in London” we can ensure you that you are in the right place. If you require any additional services please check Service page.

We Can Offer Different Hiding & Organising Methods For You
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Our customers reviews

Review from John M.:
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"I am extremely satisfied with the cable hiding and organizing service provided by your company. The engineer, David, did an excellent job. He efficiently concealed and organized the cables, leaving no visible wires. My space looks tidy and clutter-free. Highly recommended!"
Review from Sophia W.:
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"Thank you to your company for the outstanding cable hiding and organizing service. The engineer, Sarah, was punctual, professional, and ensured a neat and organized cable setup. She expertly concealed the wires, creating a clean and streamlined look. I'm thrilled with the result!"
Review from Ahmed S.:
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"I had a wonderful experience with the cable hiding and organizing service provided by your company. The engineer, Peter, was knowledgeable and friendly. He skillfully managed the cables, eliminating the tangled mess and creating a more organized and efficient space. Highly recommended!"
Review from Fatima A.:
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"The cable hiding and organizing service provided by your company was outstanding. The engineer, Olivia, was professional, reliable, and completed the job with great skill. She expertly organized and hid the cables, resulting in a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Highly satisfied!"
Review from Giovanni R.:
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"I want to express my gratitude to your company for the exceptional cable hiding and organizing service. The engineer, Alex, was prompt, skilled, and paid great attention to detail. He successfully concealed and organized the cables, creating a more organized and visually appealing space. Highly recommended!"

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Wires and Cables Hiding Services

In case you have exposed wires in your living room, garage or bedroom and you would like to hide them and make your room more appealing and esthetic please contact us today on 0203 811 8331. Our team is offering hiding solutions and management of the cables with different methods that we can discuss with you and explain the benefits and get the best solution for you today. Some other services we can offer you are flat pack assembly, pictures hanging, tv installation, painting, electrical, tiling, and many more.

Organize your wires for better productivity

Office desk cable organising

The best method to organize and hide the cables in your office is underneath your desk. You can get an extension cable with velcro and connect the power cables directly there.

Get cable ties

Cable ties are the most common solution in cable management projects. They will help you systematize and connect all the cables and wires.

Hooks are great solution

As mentioned in the title hooks are a fantastic solution as they are coming in different sizes and dimensions so you can just screw them underneath the table or cabinet and put the wires and cables true them.


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