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Draught Proofing Service in London

Leading Draught Proofing Experts in London Near You!

Small gaps in between the door and door frame are an ordinary
problem in London. These gaps on your windows and doors are letting the cold air during the winter into your property. Our team can offer you a drought-proofing service that will seal your gaps with appropriate aluminum seals & draught excluders.

It’s important to keep your house warm during the winter period. Searching for a “Draught Proofing Services Near Me in London” or maybe “Draught Proofing Handyman”?You are one click from solving your problem as our team is ready to assist. If you need a handyman, carpenter, painter or electrician check our Services page.

We Can Fit Different Aluminium Seals & Draught Excluders for You
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Draught Proofing in London

Our Codeex team offers you, local draught-proofing fitters, near you in London inside M25. Our professionally trained and equipped tradesmen team will assist you and finish the job on time with the necessary equipment. Codeex can guarantee quality service and competitive prices. You can book our service by calling 0203 811 8331 or filling up Book Now form now.

Cut your energy bills

DIY or professional

Drought proofing is something that you can do on the weekend like your DIY project. If you change your mind or don’t have time for that you are more then welcome to book our tradesman

Find the right solution

There are many different aluminum seals & draught excluders
on the market. Do your research and find the right solution for your problem.

Different draught proofing products

Some of the well-known products and solutions are self-adhesive foam strips, metal or plastic strips with brushes or wipers attached. They are all coming in different sizes and shapes.


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